Web Design: Types of testing

Testing for Web Design

Testing types deals with what aspect of s/w should be tested means whether we are checking the functions or the structure of the s/w.

There are three types of testing ….


Black box testing: BBT is also known as functional testing .It involves to check the behaviour of system according to client specifications

The techniques we used in black box testing are..

Black Box Testing

  • Error guessing
  • Equivalence class partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis.
  • Pair wise testing
  • State based testing

White box testing : WBT is also known as transparent ,glass or structural testing ..

It involves looking at the structure of the code and tends to involve coverage of specification in the code.

There are various techniques we used in white box testing .

Website Testing Steps

  • Loop testing
  • Domain testing
  • Random testing
  • Interface testing
  • Data flow based testing

Grey box testing :GBT is the combination of black box testing and white box testing .This involves a person who have a knowledge of coding plus functional behaviour of the  website.

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