Magento: WEEE and FPT (Fixed Product Tax) Tutorial

Magento WEEE

I was working on a project of a French client of our E-commerce Web Agency which required me to create WEEE (Eco Tax) for a particular category of products in Magento. Initially I was a little confused about how to apply a Fixed amount of tax on a particular product but after hours of searching Magento forums I got one thing, that is known as Fixed Product Tax. It means I can apply fixed tax rather than percentage, but even there it was not described how to configure that in Magento. So I start to do it myself.

This tutorial will show you how to configure WEEE/Fixed Product Tax in Magento. This is quite easy and fun than what I thought in the beginning. So just follow the following steps:


  1. Login to Admin panel of Magento.
  2. Go to System>Configuration
  3. Open sales>Tax tab. You will see the following screen.

Fixed-Product-Tax-Admin-Panel Magento

4.  Select Enable FPT as “Yes”.
5.  And configure other settings according to your need.

Create Fixed Product Tax attribute for Products:

  1. Go-to Catalogue>Attributes>Manage Attributes.
  2. Click on Add New Attribute button.
  3. Select Fixed Product Tax in Catalog Input Type for Store Owner.

Fixed-Product-Tax-Create-Attribute Magento

Here I have created an attribute with label Eco Tax and attribute code eco_tax.

4.  Fill attribute label and click Save Attribute.
5.  Assign newly created attribute to Default or custom Attribute Set in which you wanted to apply this tax.

Apply Fixed Product Tax on Products:

  1. Go-to Catalogue>Manage Products.
  2. Open Product and select the tab in which you assign the attribute in attribute set.

Fixed-Product-Tax-Eco-Tax Magento

I applied Eco tax in price tab of Default  attribute set.

3.  Click on Add Tax.

Fixed-Product-Tax-Eco-Tax-2 Magento

4.  Select the Country and state in which you wish to apply tax. Because tax is always specific to the country and states. You can apply different tax amount for different states and countries.
5.  Save Product.
6.  And WEEE/Fixed Product Tax is configured.

Note: Tax are applied on the basis of the address details.

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3 Responses to “Magento: WEEE and FPT (Fixed Product Tax) Tutorial”

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  2. jane from tax attorney in atlanta says:

    wow, i searched all over for this. i encountered this same issue and was really struggling to find a fix. this is a perfectly detailed tutorial/explanation. thanks a ton!
    jane@tax attorney in atlanta recently posted..Tax Attorney In AtlantaMy ComLuv Profile

  3. Vangilsweb says:

    Nice tutorial! But adding FPTes to all products (about 10.000 products) manually, is a LOT of work!
    Is there a way to configure a fixed FPT for each category? So the FPT will we added automatically to all products based on their category?

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