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Drupal Distributions are Installation profiles which provide functions and features for a specific type of site out of box in a single download and install.  It contains the Drupal core, modules, themes and pre-configured configuration to allow those elements work together to achieve a specific requirement.

Drupal community has many Distributions and some of them really awesome, most important of them which are widely known are:

1. Open Atrium: Out of Box – Intranet system, can be used a DMS (Document management system)

2. Managing News: My personal favourite, Integrates with open layers map for feed agregation.

3. Tattler: A great tool for publishers and web marking guys. Its a topic monitering tool.

4. Open Publish: Out of box site for an online magazine website in drupal

5. Acquia Drupal: Does nothing by itself but gives you a amazing starting point to develop something on Drupal.

6. COD : A event and conference management distribution.

7. Drigg: A Digg clone.

8. Drupal Commons: Another intranet with  more social networking features. Best suited for a closed community.

9. eRecruiter: Online recruiting system.

10 Open church : out of box solution for Churches.

11. Open Public: Gives quick  Drupal site for government organisation.

12. Pressflow: A Drupal distribution focussed on performance and large scale implementation of Drupal.

Q: How are these distributions are useful?

A:  Pretty simple, If you choose a correct distribution as per your needs you are saved from all those research involved in selecting the modules and configuring and tweaking them to solve your problem. And take my words you have to experienced Drupal rocker to do it most efficiently. So But hold on not only Non-Drupal guys, but these killer time saving Drupal distributions even for best Drupal guys.

Q: Are these free?

A:  Yes These all distributions and many more which i did not list here, are as free as beer. Drupal community thrives on real concept of Open – source.

Q: I heard E-nova Technologies has done some awesome Drupal multisite, is there some Drupal distribution for multisite?

A: Yes, we have done few Drupal multisite, like Afindia network and neemrana hotels group. No distribution exists for Drupal multisite as of now. But the good news is that we have just started building a free Drupal distribution for multisite.

Q: who should use the Drupal installation profile for multisite which you are building ?

A: Drupal is killer for speed at which we create awesome sites. Our distribution will be even awesome when it comes to a “network”.  For a network of organisations where each “node” of the network has same type of content, workflow, creates and publishes content in same data structure but they need a dedicated website. It’s ideally when to leverage our multisite distribution to cut down the development cost and delivery time amazingly.

Q: I have some features in mind which should be there in your distribution. What do I do?

A: WOW, just put it here in the comments of this post or email me at contact@enova-tech.net, we will consider that with our product team.

I will be putting up details of the project next week and will be creating a project site to allow more Drupal rocker from around the world contribute to it or help in documentations or even brainstorming the concept.


Lead Developer at E-nova Technologies

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