Drupal Camp Delhi 2011

Well, last Saturday (April 16), I went to the first ever Drupal camp in Delhi. I wished for a Drupal camp for a long and finally it happened. Well, it’s a pleasure to see active Drupalers here and to discover the talents of each individual. I don’t call myself even a half of what they are, so for me it was an experience to gain free knowledge and exposure to various new techy stuff.

I would like to give a short introduction of the topics discussed on the camp:

Multimedia in Drupal 7

This Media module along with some other modules collaborating with each other provides comfortable platform for handling video, images, audio and other filetypes and 3rd party services like Flickr, Youtube, Picasa…etc.
This module will be a great help for admin as well as developer. Rich media module earlier used to a divided world, having too many modules to choose from as there was no single exact solution we are looking for. Thus the idea behind media module is to use same library for flash embedding, video trans-coding or audio trans-coding. You can find Media module at http://drupal.org/project/media.

Introduction to Open Publish

As the tag line of open publish says –“Power of Drupal for today’s online publishing.” It is a Drupal flavour suitable for magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service, membership publications.

Hudson/Jenkins in your development process

For Continuous integration (CI) Hudson is great choice and is extremely easy to use.
The target for using hudson is to control quality of software and in turn reduce the development cycle time of the software. Hudson was originally designed to work with java but with but with few hacks and plug-ins we can make it do good stuff for us.
For more information: http://fourkitchens.com/blog/2010/05/09/drop-cron-use-hudson-instead
Thus Hudson is gaining high popularity in Drupal community for its easy to use tools for automation and monitoring repetitive build tasks.  The Best thing about Hudson is that it can manage plug-ins all using GUI.

Domain access in drupal

Vidhatha from E-nova Dream Team at the Drupal Camp Delhi 2011

Running affiliated group of sites using single Drupal installation with a single shared database. Yes that the awesomeness of Drupal. Drupal is well blessed with rapid development structure, thus in big multisite projects domain access can be used to cut down the development cost to a handsome amount. This is useful in projects where there are many sub-sites with almost same look and feel (content types) but each one of them has different content to be published by different users. Using Domain access module one can share user, content and configurations across the group of sites. And with the Domain prefix module more control over the database tables can be implemented as it allows selective, dynamic table prefixing. The concept of active domain in Domain access determines the user access based on the current active domain that user is viewing rather than checking the belonging of the user to the domain. As per Drupal 7 up-gradation is considered it can be done very smoothly following few simple steps. For case study on domain access click here.

See what E-nova is doing with the Multi-site E-nova Drupal Distribustion.

(Web Developer) E-nova Technologies

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