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Just did a small research few days back keeping SEO and Drupal both together.  Having worked on so many Drupal  projects at E-nova. The fact that we give special attention from SEO perspective in every  Drupal project we do, lets have a brief look  on modules which are kind of ESSENSTIAL to make your  Drupal site more visible and reachable by the spiders of Google (sorry Bing and Yahoo :P ).

SEO Checklist: This module is your “BROTHER” when you start to anything for  Drupal SEO. It does nothing with itself other then giving you a checklist with links to modules and tasks required for SEO in  Drupal .

Google Analytics: You always want to see the results of hard work you have done in development and SEO of your  Drupal website. You have this module to help you keep track of visitors.

Page title: Default Drupal may keep duplicate <title> and believe me Google will pinch you for this. This module allows you to set <title> tags for nodes throughout your site. It integrates with “tokens” so that you can set up patterns for titles.

Pathauto: search engine friendly (SEF) URL’S are another important element of  Drupal SEO. It also integrates well with token to help you set patterns.

Path redirect: It helps create proper redirects from admin panel of Drupal .

Global redirect: My favourite SEO module in Drupal .  It fixes some common and really important URL problems when clean URLs and Pathauto are used. Its great if when your developer uses “node/$$$” path in codes, this module makes a 301 redirect to its clean url alias.

Taxonomy title: Same as “Page Title” but for taxonomy.  It lets you to set <title> tags for taxonomy terms on your Drupal site.

Meta tags: (Don’t be confused. It’s new name of Nodewords module) every module i am listing seems as important. Default Drupal doesn’t allow you to have different meta tags and meta description for your site, nodes, categories, views, and so on. BUT this is your saviour in Drupal SEO process.

XML Site map: It creates a compliant, search engine readable sitemap in XML format and the best thing is that it allows you to have critical information for Google for each URL like last modified, priority and change frequency.

URL list: Avery simple module to have a text sitemap that lists every URL on your Drupal site.

Mollom: You hate spammers? You have to use this module and service by dries (founder of Drupal). It blocks a comment if it comes through a known spammer. It is actually a great “INTELLUGENT” content moderator.

Scheduler: Google loves fresh content and if your Drupal site administrator can’t follow well on this. You have to use this module to schedule when nodes are published.

HTML Purifier: It helps fix poor html on the wysiwyg editor and user generated content. Just to keep clean HTML code to help Google spiders.

These are all essential ones. I’ll come back with more OPTIONAL modules for Drupal SEO in near future, but before that i am experimenting something really interesting. Its about using Drupal as a backend system for IPhone and Android apps. I will make a post as i finish with my experiments.  To be updated follow my twitter handle (@vidhatanand ) and E-nova (@E_nova).

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