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Neemrana Hotels

Neemrana Group of Hotels had a website presenting their hotels and integrated booking system. They are known for restoring old heritage, turning it into magnificent hotels and manage its uniqueness. With the old website, it was not very efficient to increase the visibility of all the properties. The presentation needed to be enhanced and moreover managing of the website needed IT persons.

E-nova was asked to propose a new website with improved design and which included all the existing functionalities. One of the most important tasks was to improve viewer’s interaction with the website. The clients wanted to manage the contents of the website easily, so Enova proposed to use DRUPAL (open source content management system).

Major tasks performed:

Multi-Domain Website:

Each of the Neemrana Hotels has a unique blend of royal experience and rich hospitality. So we created a website with multiple domains. (It gave the advantage of using one codebase for different websites managed centrally.)

The key for the new website was not only to focus on the Neemrana Hotels brand, but also to put the focus on each of the properties. A simple page of description is definitely not sufficient.

Each property will have a page describing its history, one presenting the rooms which with a filter system for price and number of occupants, and another one presenting the services. Each room will also have its own page displaying its details.

Content Management System:

The solution developed by E-nova was based on a CMS (Content Management System).

A CMS gives a lot of advantages:

The updates to the site can be easily done by a non-technical person.

A lot of flexibility to modify and add more features in the future.

Contents for all the Hotels could be managed by the clients.

Code optimized for Search Engine Optimization which will be Drupal based in addition to the modules developed by E-nova.

Improvement of the design

The website focused on the Unique Selling Proposition of each property, its history, and gives a good outlook of the facilities and services provided. To make it more user interactive Java script, flash etc was used.

The color scheme of the website was selected keeping in mind the historical prospective of the Neemrana hotels and of course the advertising details provided by Neemrana Group.

Addition of new features:

When a new website is launched, it generally loses its visibility in Google. And for this, a proper Search Engine Optimization is required. But, the website developed by Enova is designed keeping all possibilities into consideration.

To visit the website, login at Neemrana Hotels.

Project Manager at E-nova Technologies

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