Advance Report Module for OpenERP

In OpenERP we can find sales order, invoice and voucher according to partner, date, states and etc. We also get total of all the sales order, invoice and voucher irrespective of the currency we select in it, which is need to be addressed, to resolve all this problem I have designed “advance_report_enova_technologies_openerp” which is basically a report of sales order, invoice and voucher with currency conversion and total of amount in single currency that is company currency. This module provides the wizard for sales order, invoice and voucher to generate a report according to available features like according to date wise, partner, states and combination of mentioned features.
Here are the few points which is necessary to have accurate and full functioning of module:
1. Specify the company currency in which you want that other currency converted into.
2. Specify the currency rate of date to which you want to create sales order, invoice and voucher.
3. In case you do not specify any rate at the date of creation of sales order, invoice and voucher, module takes the rate of first previous date of given currency.
4. Make sure you specify date in invoice and voucher as date is not mandatory field in it, otherwise conversion does not takes place until you specify the date of invoice and voucher.
5. Currency conversion in above module is stored procedure, so if you made any change in currency rate of previous date, please save your records that are created on that date, to have accurate amount that you can verify with your bank accounts.
6. To remove header and footer from report go to Administration ?Low Level Objects ? Actions ? Report XML, then double click on the report that you want to change, and then you click on checkbox Add RML header to remove check mark and save it.
Below is the screen shot with complete steps.

Step 1. Steps of installation

Step 1.1
This module is depended on sale, account and account_voucher. To install this module, after downloading. Go to Administration ? Module Management ? Import modules, browse and install it.

Figure 1.1.1 Modules Management

Figure 1.1.2 Import Module

Figure 1.1.3 Import Successful

Step 1.2
Double click at advance_report module and schedule it for installation. Apply schedule upgrade and start upgrading it.

Figure 1.2.1 Installation

Figure 1.2.2 Schedule for installation

Figure 1.2.3 Apply schedule upgrade

Figure 1.2.4 Start upgrade

Step 1.3

After upgradetion, start configuration to complete the installation, click on continue to complete it. Installation is completed now, go to the main menu to use it.

Figure 1.3.1 Start configuration

Figure 1.3.2 Finished installation

Step 2. Features of reports.

In basic feature it has.
1. Records according to date
2. Records according to partners
3. Records according to date and partners

Figure 2.1 Basic Feature

Step 3. Advance features of report.

1. Records according to states
2. Records according to states and year
3. Records according to states and partners
4. Records according to year
5. Records according to year and partners

Figure 3.1 Advance Feature

Step 4. Create currency rate

Go to Financial Management ?Configuration ?Currencies. Select currency and add new currency rate. If you want to specify previous currency rate, change the date and add currency rate. Take the help of any website which provides such rates, I usually take it from .

Figure 4.1 Currency Rate

Step 5.

Create sales order, invoice and voucher, and verify in tree view both currency change and amount in company currency.

Figure 5.1 Amount in company currency

Step 6. Report wizard

Click on Financial Management menu, under Invoices and Voucher Entries sub menu, you find wizard for Invoice and Voucher Summary Report. For Sales Management, click on Sales Management menu to find Sales Summary Report.

Figure 6.1 Wizard for Financial Management

We hope that you will all be able to install this module developed by the OpenERP E-nova Technologies Team. We will of course answer every single question that you may let in comment. Remember that all links are Dofollow in our comments, every worthy comment will be validated. Enjoy Open Source! Enjoy Open ERP!
OpenERP Dev at E-nova Technologies

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  1. Masud Parvez says:

    Dear ENova,
    I installed the module but failed. it shows an error ‘price_accuracy’
    Could you please provide me any help about this.


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