Do not forget the internal netlinking!

When we talk about SEO and how to optimize it, we insist on the need to build external links. Indeed they are essential to improve our ranking in search engines. However you should not forget the internal links on your website. Moreover, as it may be difficult to get external links, as internal links only depend on you and will prove very useful.

What is an internal link?

It is merely a link appearing on your site and pointing to another page of your site. Thus, these links allow you to steer better the visitor on your site, they also give a simplified access to relevant pages in which you want the visitor goes.

In addition they can also improve the page rank of your pages and help search engines to index all your pages, even the least known of your site.

The advantages

The search engines, like Google, take into account your internal links. Some websites have even built a page where they identify all their internal links in order to facilitate the work of search engines.

Moreover, by building links from pages with good Page Rank (like the homepage in general) to pages with a lower Page Rank, you will increase the index of these pages. Thus it may be interesting to create links from your homepage to the main pages of your site. And likewise, sometimes put a link from a content to the home page.

As important as the previous points, internal links are part of your strategy on your website. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics, you can see the most visited pages of your site and try to improve the visibility of the less frequented ones by adding few links wisely. Moreover, still under the “content” tab of Analytics, the option “site overlay” allows you to view your visitors’ clicks on your site. Thus, you can check if your links have the effect wanted.

To avoid

You have to avoid some mistakes. The main one is to overload your pages with internal links. Indeed you could bother the visitor in his reading and get an opposite effect to the wanted one. And moreover, your pages will require too much time to be indexed by search engines that will penalize your site.

It is hard to give you a maximum number of links per page. Let’s just say it depends on each site so always try to judge the relevance of your link.

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