How to optimize your e-commerce website?

Customizing content, e-commerce directory, Rich Media. So many ways to boost your business site.

Your e-commerce project takes shape or already has its customers. But you would like to move to the next level? Gain visibility, optimize your site, improve your conversion rate. Here are the latest findings and trends to implement.

Customize the content.

First let’s have a look at our American friends. Even if innovation and good ideas come from everywhere, it is clear that the U.S. market remains slightly ahead of time. So take advantage of their suggestions.

First, according to a survey lead by Omniture, less than one US e-retailer in five offers a personalized content. By personalized content, we consider content related to past purchases, promotional offers in relation with consumption patterns, advertising linked to the previous research.

We can also underline some changes regarding the search results. Indeed, some e-retailers take into account the existence of promotions, the quantity of products in stock, the  items conversion rate, the profit on product to choose what to display in the results. We can see in both cases that these improvements are adopted by a minority of merchants. So if you want to make yourself stand out and have an edge over your competitors, try to more customize your content.

Indeed, the final point to note in this study concerns the products recommendations made by the e-retailer. These are mainly based on purchases made by other customers, products with similar features or the fact to highlight promotional products. However, only 16% of the polled take into account the previous buying behaviour of the clients. It is obvious that you should work on this point.

Using Rich Media wisely.

Indeed this method is increasingly present on e-commerce websites. It can be virtual fitting, 3D display or even live presentation. We have first to think whether it brings something to the user, especially for a video, and avoid just adding a gadget.

However, it is clear that the possibility of a virtual fitting, for glasses or suits, is a plus for the merchant website. Indeed, this kind of tool tends to significantly increase your conversion rate. However we have to point out the fact that this kind of technology can be expensive and so can not be used by everybody. Finally another drawback can be the loading time that can sometimes be longer.

Do not forget what happens outside your website.

Thus a fast and simple way to increase the visibility of your site consists in registering on e-commerce directory on the web. So have a look to these portals and trading platforms because it could prove useful and boost your site indexing.

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